AmeriCorps funding offers a powerful, corps-based national service approach to community problem-solving.


Right now in Connecticut AmeriCorps members are creating real impact through national service in the lives of our state’s citizens – improving early childhood literacy, reducing chronic absenteeism, improving academic achievement, improving school-based nutrition, improving health and health insurance outcomes, advancing the response to the opioid crisis, shoring up our state’s safety net through nonprofit capacity building, and more.


Could AmeriCorps members be leveraged toward a challenge your organization is rising to meet?


AmeriCorps National Service Fit Finder


Is your organization interested in leveraging a national service strategy to address a challenge in your community? Visit the AmeriCorps (delete Corporation for National and Community Service) National Service Fit Finder to see which arm of national service might be the best fit for your organization:


Serve Connecticut AmeriCorps Program Concept Proposal


Serve Connecticut accepts AmeriCorps Program Concept Proposals on a rolling basis throughout the year from eligible entities interested in leveraging an AmeriCorps national service approach toward meeting a community challenge. Submission of Concept Proposal launches a constructive conversation between your organization and experienced Commission Program Office staff, who can provide feedback on your proposal and navigate you to resources that will strengthen your understanding of how to effectively leverage national service. Participation in this process prior to submitting a formal AmeriCorps funding application is not required, but it is encouraged. Further, participation does not qualify as a formal application for funding, nor does it entitle the participating organization or any of its partners to any funding award.


The following non-federal entities (as defined in 2 CFR §200.69) who have DUNS numbers and are registered in System for Award Management (SAM) are eligible to apply for AmeriCorps funding: Indian tribes, institutions of higher education, local governments, nonprofit organizations, and states.