AmeriCorps Connecticut Formula federal funding is awarded by AmeriCorps, the agency, to Serve Connecticut, which then subgrants these funds to successful applicants in its Connecticut-based Formula grant application process.

This is an annual process that is open to all eligible applicants as funding availability allows.

AmeriCorps Connecticut 2022-2023 Formula Funding Opportunity 

Serve Connecticut is currently seeking local programs to compete for AmeriCorps State Formula funding at the state level. This 2022-2023 AmeriCorps State Formula notice will focus grantmaking in the following focus areas: Advancing Racial Equality, Child Poverty, COVID-19 Recovery, Disaster Services, Economic Mobility, Economic Opportunity, Education, Environmental Stewardship, Healthy Futures, and Veterans and Military Families.

Applications are due in eGrants no later than 11:59 pm, March 11, 2022.

Please refer to the following AmeriCorps Connecticut 2022-2023 Formula Funding Guidance in preparing your application:

  • AmeriCorps Connecticut 2022-2023 Formula Serve Connecticut Newsletter [PDF attached]
  • AmeriCorps Connecticut 2022-2023 Formula Notice of Funding Opportunity [PDF attached]
  • AmeriCorps Connecticut 2022-2023 Formula Application Instructions [PDF attached]
  • AmeriCorps State & National Mandatory Supplemental Guidance 2022-2023 [PDF attached]
  • AmeriCorps State & National Performance Measure Instructions 2022-2023 [PDF attached]
  • AmeriCorps Financial Management Survey 2022-2023 [Word Doc attached]
  • AmeriCorps Diversity Questionnaire 2022-2023 [Spreadsheet attached]


New Applicants: Please also note the following deliverables AmeriCorps Connecticut Formula applicants who are submitting a new funding application (not a continuation or recompete):

  • Required: Participation in the three-part live, virtual AmeriCorps Connecticut Formula Training Suite.
  • Strongly Recommended: Participation in the five-part, on-demand virtual Introduction to AmeriCorps Webinar Series prior to attending the live AmeriCorps Connecticut Formula Training Suite sessions.
  • Recommended: Participation in the optional live, virtual Commission Office Hours/Q&A session to resolve outstanding questions.

Please read on for more detailed guidance about each deliverable.


Required Trainings and Technical Assistance Opportunities

Serve Connecticut is wholly invested in facilitating the accessibility of national service resources to all eligible entities and their community partners. As such, Serve Connecticut staff provide a slate of introductory trainings as well as ongoing technical assistance to all organizations interested in and/or applying for AmeriCorps funding.

Organizations intending to submit a new application for AmeriCorps Formula funding must participate in all trainings designated as required in order to submit an AmeriCorps Formula funding application; new AmeriCorps Formula applications from organizations who do not participate in these required trainings will not be accepted/reviewed. One representative from the organization (i.e., the same person) must attend all required trainings; additional representatives from the organization as well as consultants (i.e. grant writers, accountants, evaluators, etc.) may also attend those trainings that are relevant to their focus or expertise.

All organizations interested in learning about AmeriCorps Formula funding are welcome to attend; attendance does not mean your organization must submit an AmeriCorps Formula funding application.

Pre-registration for all trainings is required. Interested parties are asked to please use the links below to register for all required trainings.


Serve Connecticut AmeriCorps Formula Training Suite – Pre-Registration Required:

The Serve Connecticut AmeriCorps Formula live training suite for new AmeriCorps Formula applicants (not continuation or recompete applicants) is comprised of three required sessions:

  • Funding Application Process
  • Effectively Using Evidence
  • Program & Budget Design

Click your preferred date/time to register for one session of each of the three required live, virtual trainings:

Required: AmeriCorps Connecticut Formula - Funding Application Process

Register for one of these three options by clicking on the preferred date link:

Required: AmeriCorps Connecticut Formula - Effectively Using Evidence

Register for one of these three options by clicking on the preferred date link:

Required: AmeriCorps Connecticut Formula - Program & Budget Design  

Register for one of these three options by clicking on the preferred date link:

*Back-to-back sessions are offered on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 from 9:00am-12:00pm to give participants the option to complete all three required sessions in one morning.

Commission Office Hours/Applicant Q&A Forum:

Participation in the following live, virtual optional training is welcomed by representatives of all AmeriCorps Connecticut 2022-2023 Formula grant applicant organizations. While Serve Connecticut staff are available to answer individual applicant questions throughout the application process, applicants may find it beneficial to participate in a group setting Q&A with fellow applicants.

Register for this optional session here:

Optional: AmeriCorps Connecticut Formula: Commission Office Hours/Applicant Q&A Forum 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 10:00-11:00am

Introduction to AmeriCorps Connecticut On-Demand Webinar Series:

Organizations considering applying for AmeriCorps Connecticut funding for the first time are strongly urged to watch the following five-part series, Introduction to AmeriCorps Connecticutprior to attending any required live technical assistance webinars associated with the funding process to which you are applying.

Module 1: How AmeriCorps Funding Works

Module 2: AmeriCorps Connecticut Funding

Module 3: AmeriCorps Members

Module 4: AmeriCorps Program Design

Module 5: Next Steps for New Applicants


Other Resources:

Organizations who are not yet ready to submit for the 2022-2023 AmeriCorps Connecticut Formula competition, but would like to submit in future competitions are encouraged to submit an AmeriCorps Program Concept Proposal to Serve Connecticut to receive technical assistance in developing their national service strategy. Click here to learn more.

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