How does AmeriCorps Funding Work?

AmeriCorps funding is used to provide partial operational support to eligible entities in leveraging a national service strategy to address community challenges. AmeriCorps grants are awarded to organizations proposing to engage AmeriCorps members in evidence-based or evidence-informed interventions/practices to strengthen communities.

Is AmeriCorps a good fit for you?

Is your organization interested in leveraging a national service strategy to address a challenge in your community? Learn whether AmeriCorps is a good fit for your organization and about how you can submit an AmeriCorps Funding Concept Proposal to receive targeted technical assistance from Serve Connecticut.

AmeriCorps Connecticut Formula

AmeriCorps Connecticut Formula federal funding is awarded by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to Serve Connecticut, which then subgrants these funds to successful applicants in its Connecticut-based Formula grant application process. This is an annual process that is open to all eligible applicants as funding availability allows.

AmeriCorps*Connecticut Competitive

AmeriCorps*Connecticut Competitive federal funding is awarded by CNCS to successful applicants of its nationwide Competitive process, which is administered through Serve Connecticut’s competitive grant application process. This annual process is run by invitation only.

Other Funding Opportunities

National Direct AmeriCorps funding applicants seeking to operate in Connecticut should click here to begin the statute-required consultation process with this Commission. Consultation forms must be submitted to Serve Connecticut by applicants for AmeriCorps National funding January 1. Public Health AmeriCorps applicants must submit National Direct Consultation forms to Serve Connecticut by November 8, 2021 for consideration.

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