Larson To Introduce Bill Expanding National Service Opportunities - Press Conference Event

The ACTION for National Service Act will expand opportunities for national service as well as make college more affordable for American youth who choose to join a national service organization.

Jacqueline Johnson, executive director of the Connecticut Commission for Community Service, said while 1% serve formally, countless others serve every day.

“I know all of us know people that serve, whether we’re getting credit for the hours we serve — Americans serve, that’s what we do,” Johnson said. “If it’s helping our neighbor that’s ill, if we’re helping collect toiletries for the homeless, why shouldn’t that something count?”

Johnson said this legislation is a way to give back to the Americans who help out in their communities with money for education that will not be taxed.

“That’s a big deal for a college student to be able to understand that while I’ve earned say $14,000, I am not going to be taxed on that $14,000 once I am prepared to use it for tuition,” Johnson said. “I would like to applaud that there is legislation that would support students and any person that is interested in doing service.”




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